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Have you heard about the ‘Delete’ button?

September 2, 2009

This is addressed to the person who replied recently to a certain mass email about their friend’s (and mine) bachelorette party.

Dear That Person,

I understand that you are an incredibly busy person who will not be attending the party so should not be getting emails about it! But please do take some time to learn about the wonderful option in email (since forever!) called the ‘delete’ button! You never again have to click through other people’s excitement about some party that you are not even going to go to! You never have to reply back to some nice woman who took the time and energy to organize a party for someone else and make her feel bad for her good wishes. It’s a win-win! So learn email features, use them as appropriate and stop annoying me with your obnox-ium that believes that email manners trumps human-human manners. It doesn’t in my book. And it certainly doesn’t this morning.

Cellar Door’s Pony

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