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Little Black Bag

October 4, 2009

I have this completely ordinary black luggage bag—small and wheeled. As I was rolling it down Chennai’s railway station, cursing silently as the wheels got stuck, it occurred to me that this piece of box has been with me through a lot of thick and thin.  From New York City to Iowa; from Delhi to Dasarahalli, on Chinatown buses, Lufthansa airplanes and the Dhanbar express train; it has been rolling down my side now for close to ten years. Wow, no?

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  1. October 30, 2009 11:09 am

    When I was young I loved to look inside their bags.
    I would find coins, lipsticks, receipts, mirrors,
    jewelry (usually only one earring), notes, photos, mints,
    aspirin, expired Sears’ card and dollar bills all wrinkled up into little balls.
    I would organize the bags, and they would give me a dollar.
    It was the best! That was enough money to buy a gumball
    the next time we went to the supermarket.
    And then, just when I was caught up in my memories the nurse
    had to come tap me on my shoulder to come in.
    I slowly got up and started to walk away,
    but before I walked in I stopped and looked back with a grin on my face.
    I bet the ones left behind were also wondering what was in my bag?
    But, they will never know…:)

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