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Facebook Blues

January 4, 2010

I am having a sentimental moment with Facebook.

I keep thinking, I should re-connect to old friends who will always be in my heart. I don’t think they know how much I still think about them, and remember their love and care and hope they are doing well. I wish I was less of an asshole, and had replied back to a few more emails and picked up my phone and called a few more times. Maybe it is not possible to always share a friendship with the people I meet in my life, to always stay in their lives. Maybe it is good enough that we share lovely memories that float up and offer their warmth when I need them to. Maybe. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it is not.

It has been at least 7 months or so, since I have been any kind of active on Facebook. While I belong to them all, I find social networking things to be boring. I blog, that’s my thing. Anyway. Because of the annual “holiday-season-time-dump”, I have had a chance to meander and look at friends’ pages. Wow. Family and good friends have acquired babies and well-liked friends are on their second baby!  I am feeling nostalgic, but like in a bad way.

It’s a new year and I am going to make two resolutions (that I will go ahead and call new year’s resolutions). One. Will treat my personal emails just as urgently as my work emails. Two. Will write. Everyday for one hour. I will do both these things, not because I have the time and I am bored, but because they are important to do in my life and not necessarily for my everyday today. Yeah? Okay, it is pucka then. This feeling of time warning me is already going away.

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