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India’s Immigration Laws and Me

January 9, 2010

This gives me anxiety. India is not allowing foreigners (who are on visas) to come back too soon. But you don’t travel to India on a visa, sony pony, you say. Yeah, I know. Yet still.

I have two fears that give me irrational anxiety. I will not be able to enter India. I will not be able to leave India.

Coming home for the holidays, one of those came true . They refused to let me board my plane because I had not registered at the F.R.O. Sigh. This was, of course, my fault. I should have learned how to read plain English on my PIO card, which clearly states that I need to register. Never underestimate my ability to be a total idiot. (Of course, if they don’t let me enter India, I will break down and have some sort of a mental attack). I cannot not go and come as I please to US and India.

Anyway, after three days of running through hoops and hopping on one leg at the High Comissioner’s Office, they blessed me with a residential permit. Which I promptly turned over to leave the country with a sigh of relief.

I don’t know if these fears are that off-base. Customs bureacracy in any country often feels arbitruary. There are people who check my PIO card and don’t understand why I don’t have a visa. I have never had any issues, but still. WTF, right? Anyway, pray for my safe return and depature and return and …

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