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Democrats listening to Republicans, as opposed to their voters…

January 20, 2010


But if we lose health care, having given up on single-payer, having given up the public option, have given up the Medicare buy in. If we lose health care having watched Harry Reid claim Joe Lieberman was “the least of his problems” when he should have known he was among the biggest. If we lose and still have to suffer lectures on fake centrism from Evan Bayh, as a liberal and an Obama supporter, you’re left wondering what it was all for … […] …  I don’t know how you look at this process and conclude that it was well-managed by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama.

Especially when we hear this from Obama, “Here’s one thing I know and I just want to make sure that this is off the table. The Senate certainly shouldn’t try to jam anything through until Scott Brown is seated. People in Massachusetts spoke. He’s got to be part of that process.

But why? Why is this the one thing Obama “knows and wants to make sure“? Here’s why that’s just stupid.  Never mind that the people of Massachusetts should not be speaking for the entire country. It also looks to me like the people of Massachusetts like their universal health care enormously.

As Ezra Klein states

The loss in Massachusetts was a terrible disappointment to Democrats. But it can be explained away. Martha Coakley was a terrible candidate. Scott Brown ran an excellent campaign. These things happen. […] But the reaction congressional Democrats have had to Coakley’s loss has been much more shattering. It has been a betrayal.


Doesn’t it seem like the Republicans have enormous power to simply make shit up and a large portion of the American public will simply believe them at some level?  For example, you may not believe that this bill is “socialist”, but maybe you think it is “socialistical” or something? Who knows why people are complete morons.

We, as the public, have a responsibility to be active about the information that we choose to believe. If someone was to tell me I would be murdered if I bought milk from the local grocer, I would question the source, find out if this was true. I would not simply say, “Oh really? Okay. No milk for me. Healthy bones are totally elitist.”  I would not go and organize a rally against the local grocer and make sure no one else in the neighborhood drinks milk.

Jeez – Louis.


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