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I Don’t Get the Coakley Mess

January 20, 2010

But I will write about it anyway.

Coakley lost? Apparently no one told her (or the Democratic Party)  that hare and turtle story.

Brown’s victory in Mass. teaches me all the wrong lessons. We should occasionally not let the people decide; and sometimes the establishment really is the way to go. How did this happen? (By the way, I also completely blame Coakley. But that seems like a moot point now).

What I don’t get, is how come the Democrats need a super majority to pass a bill? Why can’t they just pass the stupid bill as it is now? I hear it has something to do with the vote not being filibuster-proof.  But so? Vote, anyway, right?   Apparently, legislatively, they can make changes after they pass the bill. Then why do they not just do that? I could probably find out, but I am kind of disgusted by the whole thing.

Is it all just procedural reasons that the health care reform bill is apparently “dead”? Then how come Bush got to declare war for no reason and torture prisoners including American citizens who were never charged with anything? Where was procedure then? But suddenly for health care reform — for ensuring that 30 million people are insured — for this we have such hysteria? Man, people are selfish. A Democrat ensured that Massachusetts enjoys progressive, universal  health care and they returned the favor by denying it to everyone else in the country (and screwing over the Democratic party while they are at it).

The Republican Party has every right to rub their hands in glee.

Update:  Barney Frank? Really? Ugh. It is a gloomy, doom – ey day.

I asked him [Barney Frank] personally if he would vote to pass the Senate HCR as it stands and get it on Obama’s desk. He said he would not vote yes on the Senate bill. He cited the abortion and plan tax portions of the bill for his opposition. He thought the Democrats were headed for heavy losses if they didn’t drop the current HCR and try to pass some revised version.

I should stop following this. It’s just too humiliating or something. Democrats are such a special case of self-destruction and bad politics. Makes me wish we had a monarchy.

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