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Manipulate with Caution

January 23, 2010

Wikihow has a surprisingly precise and meaningful guide on how to use reverse psychology.

It lays out six, clear simple steps on how to manipulate people into getting your way. I was just thinking how much of a mind-fuck it would be to live with someone who is good at this. The last step of the guide is an ominous, “Be ready to follow through.” It warns that unless you are Ready! to follow through with doing the opposite of what you mean, then do not use this.


So not only do you say the opposite of what you mean, but you then go on to do the opposite of what you mean to trick the other person in going against you. Very Iago-ain.

Heed to Warning label on this To-do:

1). This isn’t the healthiest way to communicate, since you’re essentially taking advantage of (and spurring) someone’s misguided rebelliousness. In the case of children, they usually grow out of it, but most adults will realize how silly they’re being and respond to nonviolent communication instead.

2). Use wisely

3). DO NOT do the above to small children, it will only reinforce bad behavior. A child shouldn’t be taught to go against your word and doing this improperly will do just that

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