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Obama Crosses Barbed Wire, othewise Known as Lafeyette Square

January 29, 2010

I am really happy that Obama is “exchanging barbs with the Republican party“. But as a Democrat, I would feel a lot better if he was doing some barb-exchanging with the Democrats instead. Because it certainly seems to me that Obama has bigger problems at home right now.

Polls had been closed in Massachusetts for less than two hours when Webb (D-VA) issued a statement putting the breaks on health care reform. He’d voted for the Senate bill […]

I suppose it’s all happening behind doors. Of course, Obama is talking to the Democratic leaders. He must be, I am just a chica with a laptop, what do I know? But I have heard no real strong messages directed at them (Democratic Party), no arm-twisting. Nothing except a tantalizing line or two at the SOTU. Which was nice. But then now…? Please pass health care reform.

Also makes me think TNC is right on, once again when he said:

What I’m seeing–admittedly from a distance–is a willingness to be strong in areas where Obama’s comfortable (consensus-building) and a maddening hesitancy to deal with things that are less comfortable (the messy work of moving the bill.)

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