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Getting off the Train

February 26, 2010

Traveled back from Hyderabad yesterday on the Kachegowda Express. I slept through the night, and the bathrooms seemed visually and aromatically clean this time around. Usually I suffer through a sharp, rancid, utterly unbearable toilet smell to take my morning piss on my train journeys. This time, I didn’t have to rush out of the bathroom. It’s the small things that make a difference.

I also got a chance to do one of my favorite things on a train journey. Sit at the doorway and watch India roll by. Villages, small towns, farmland, mountains, rivers — it’s all there, so close I could reach out and whack that old man sitting on a deserted railway station bench if I wanted to.

I keep meeting these people who will ignore anyone who tells them that what they wish to do, cannot be done. It is both inspiring and irritating.

Off to Chennai next week. I hope we finish it all of with a bang and a promise!

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