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Back from Chennai

March 9, 2010

I lost my phone taking my morning piss on the train. It went down the tube without any fanfare, with a distinct ka-bang-a-lang. I didn’t even see it go. It was a short-lived, but useful relationship that met expectations perfectly as few things do. I was sad to know that my dear mobile must be lying disintegrating on the tracks as the train’s hot underbelly rushed over it.

Other than that, I had the oddest dream experience last night. I was having your basic nightmare where I am screaming for no reason, and trying to run towards something because I forgot some other thing. But then it got really weird. I tried to wake myself up.

I distinctly remember consciously thinking, "I need to wake up." and pulling myself out of the deep grip of sleep. It was at that moment, that I saw my room and I heard a loud music coming from the celing corner of my room. I am afraid and clearly thinking, "WTF is that? At 3 in the morning?" and some other voice is telling me to calm down, that "it is the television from our downstairs neigbhors". I am arguing back that if it was our downstairs neighbors, why is it coming from the ceiling? (Nobody lives upstairs, — nothing but terrace). I fully pull myself out of sleep and the music vanishes and my room looks like it should. It was like walking in on a thief who slipped away seconds before I came home.

Another strange thing happened that same night. Not as un-nerving as the music thing, but still odd. I am again trying to wake myself up, when I had the following dream. My mind lays out some 5 things that it labels, "thoughts/consciousness" and mixes it with another set of 5 "things". It tells me, you choose one and stick with it! I (literally) pick one up and as I do so, I come fully awake, feeling profoundly odd.

It is not dreams that freak me out. It is that indescribable space inside your brain between dream and wakefulness – it’s where Alice in Wonderland comes rushing out the screen.

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  1. yomon permalink
    March 9, 2010 1:09 pm

    i had a nightmare the other day which felt so real.. i felt like a snake was wrapping around my right arm.. i could feel its skin and my arm was feeling tight.. i opened my eyes and i could still feel the snake moving, i try to move my left hand which i was sleeping on and i couldn’t move it since my left forearm fell asleep…man somehow i moved my left hand and touched my right arm and snake going around feeling disappeared.. what does it mean…..

  2. malupocha permalink
    March 9, 2010 5:36 pm

    oh the end of your phone…someone probably just picked it up. its so small for the train to crush it..remember the story of the baby that fell down into the train toilet..and was ok?

    • sebastian permalink
      March 10, 2010 3:38 pm

      The plot thickens like my waistline, and sony’s phone lying on the tracks, thinking to itself …. why did sony have to dump me in to a toilet after all the important phone calls I have made for her… are cell phone users so ungreatful???

      Of the many unpredictable and calamtious consequences that sony could have ever dreamt possible that would happen to her phone is that the CIA picked it up! Hence as I mentioned the plot thickens like my waistline which was a good 27 has been to 42. CIA has the poor phone under interogration and it is to the point of confessing about the life it had with sony. and the nightmare he had to live through…. the dreams sony would have and the effect it would have on the poor little phone soul..

      ( this is one of few time I have seen sony’s blg, girl you write amazing, love reading it, now with the buzz and I signed up for the email. I will be seeing you blogs more)

      with love,
      saju chettan

      • March 11, 2010 1:02 pm

        yeahh, my phone saga continues. I have to buy a new phone:( Still! I think this is the 5th or 6th phone I have bought in India. Me and phones don’t get along.

        Wait, there was a baby that got dumped down the toilet? And it survived? Where? that’s certainly a story.. no I hadn’t heard it.

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