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Hubli and Goa

March 18, 2010

Just got back from Hubli, then Goa.

Hubli was boring and Goa was … adventurous to make up for all the boredom from Hubli. I liked Goa a lot. And ahh, the shopping! So many beautiful things to salivate over. I bought a colourful swing for our terrace. Drank musambi juice and had chaat on the beach. Despite myself, despite the tough, punishing heat, I could not help but fall a little in love with everyone and everything. It’s funny how cities and towns are sort of like people – in that you can almost always instantly decide whether you like them or not, and want to be friends with them or not. Hyderabad is a oh-let’s-meet-for-coffee, while Chennai is not-tonight-I-am-busy-with-Hyderabad. Hubli I almost instantly disliked, while Salem charmed me rather unexpectedly. Bombay I will always love, while Delhi I will always partially sneer at. Trissur makes me want to move to Kerala, while Cochin makes me glad I don’t live in Kerala.

Anyway. Trains are becoming more and more familiar. On the train back from Goa, some creep – well dressed young man – was masturbating outside my window. Thankfully, the train moved before I could react or register the foolishness properly.

Next month again, I will be off to Chennai, Madurai and Hyderabad. 4 trips are planned altogether to visit organizations, learn more and move forward with our project. I am pretty excited about everything. I just hope all the chips fall as it should.

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