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Hey, What’s your Caste?

April 15, 2010

T: Hey there! Hey you, what’s your caste, man?

S: Me? Caste ah? No, no. I opted out of it. I went for Christian. What’s your caste?

T: I am Dalit.

S: Oh. So are you untouchable? Why’d you go for Dalit, dude? … the long hours and no job prospects after you graduate.

T: Well, that’s what my parents did. They really wanted me to learn the field — the field of rice paddies! haha!

S: Funny. Well, you can take some dance and Hindustani singing lessons from the Brahmins.

T: Can you do that? Switch castes like that?

S: Why not? Are you in your first or second year? You should switch now, or they tell you are not qualified.

T: This is like my 29th year as a Dalit.

S: Woaw. Ah, so you probably couldn’t change your caste now. But I think there’s more flexibility with religion? Like make the jump to Christianity, dude. They are usually better off than the Muslims.

T: What are the gods like?

S: Well, same gods – both of them. But Christianity has this whole son of God bit and Muslims have the burqua thing. So **shrug**

T: Hurrumph.

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  1. April 16, 2010 11:55 pm

    More please.

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