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A Near-Perfect Day

June 1, 2010

I have been busy with work, and I am wondering when I can slow down. I would like a real day off. A day when I sleep in, cook and watch a lot of movies on the new DVD player I just bought. Maybe in the afternoon, I can read till I fall asleep. I need a day like this. I would like the day to be mostly silent, where I am not expected to talk too much. I listen and maybe I laugh. I might or might not bathe. It is optional. I might or might not wash my hair. Again, optional. And if I do these things, I have time to also do a facial mud bath. Yeah, that’s correct, you read it right — a facial mud bath.

In the evening, after my read-book-afternoon-nap, I have the energy to go shopping at Commericial Street. Or better yet, Mahalleswaram Market. I will buy 5 new kurtas, and maybe one pantaloon. Or better yet, a dupatta. I will definitely buy me some Dahi Puri Chaat and Musambi juice. Maybe have some ice-cream. And in the evening, I will come back to sit up in my terrace, drink and talk till 1 in the morning. And fall asleep mid-way, and forget to eat dinner. I will drag myself downstairs, and fall into a deep sleep from which I will only wake up at 7:30 the next day — bright and spritely. I need a day like this.

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