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Cinemas and Chennai

July 15, 2010

I like Chennai’s big, fancy Central Mall. It has nice boutiques and an impressive music store. We saw some famous Kannada director/actor guy and got his autograph. All I know is that he is famous.

I ate pizza. The Pizza Hut guy drizzled ketchup all over my pizza. I ate it, then quietly went up to him and said, “Umm.. don’t do that“. He was pretty embarrassed – paavum. He stuttered a sorry.

I watched Knight and Day. Fun to watch. But I wonder how they managed to do it. I am not talking about the special effects. I am talking about how they managed to convince the audience that Cameron Diaz is not very beautiful and legitimately insecure. And she is totally capable, but secretly  in-capable without Tom Cruise. She is feminist-ey in a I-have-a-man-to-take-care-of-everything way. How did they manage this? Brilliant writers.

A couple of weeks ago I watched Raavan – the Tamil version. Watch the Tamil version! (Abishek is silly). How did they manage to make two women who are kidnapped and abused powerful and forceful? How?

I am totally thrilled about two new trends I think is happening in Indian cinema.  One is that Indian cinema is more and more mining Indian folk-stories, novels and cultural icons for their ideas, instead of Hollywood films. And more and more movies are investing in their female characters – taking the time to develope them and pour more than “love-interest” into their persons. It’s pretty cool.

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