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Mobile Dailies

September 27, 2010

I have been trying to take at least one mobile pic everyday that I can put up on here. I will start that trend soon. I am behind by around 10 billion photos. Anyway, look for itttt!

It is one of those days where I haven’t slept properly the night before nor is food sitting well with me. This makes me slightly anxious and irritable about almost everything under the sun. My mind just gives me a running commentary on all the things that are totally pissing me off in my life at the moment, and if they are not pissing me off — why they should. As I frowned my way through to office, I had a sudden moment while drinking coffee. My brain yelled, “Relax!” and instantly the long list that I was running through just disappeared. I felt totally better. The kind of catharsis I can live with.

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