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Why Tamil Nadu is one of the most progressive regions in the world…

October 18, 2010

Because the state government understands that for meaningful change to take place, political power and a stake in the process must be shared with the people.

Heart-warming news from my favourite state in India.

In the first initiative of its kind in the country, transgenders will soon be working as agents for the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC).

This progressive move was an attempt to integrate them into the social mainstream , said R Vasuki, state director of social welfare. “We’re trying to ensure that transgenders don’t resort to begging and extortion to make ends meet,” said Vasuki. The programme will soon be expanded to other districts of Tamil Nadu.

This isn’t particularly surprising either. Tamil Nadu is maybe the only state in the world that has its own governmental welfare board, especially formed for transgendered individuals. One of the vulnerable and mis-understood communities gets a much-deserved platform.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi signed the orders on April 10, 2008, appointing the social welfare minister as president of the board, according to a statement from the secretariat.

Appointed to the board are the secretaries of law and finance, and senior officials heading various agencies like the women’s commission, police, and state human rights and social justice commissions. In addition, a number of transgenders have been included as non-official members of the board, the statement said.


In December 2006, the Tamil Nadu state government passed an order saying that no educational institute or government organisation could discriminate against someone on the basis of them being a transgendered person.(Link:Source)

Go on, Tamil Nadu — beam proudly:)

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