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Whew, that’s depressing…

October 23, 2010

Andy posted a fascinating bit on how suicidal folks come to be. The whole thing is worth reading. I like how it nicely explains why people who are depressed don’t necessarily go off and kill themselves. And it acutely explains how someone who is suicidal is finally able to shut down the mental faculties necessary to survive, in order to survive.

But this passage, in particular, struck me. Easily the most depressing thing to contemplate.

[…] Tyler Clementi as he was driving towards the George Washington Bridge to end his own life in the wake of being cruelly and voyeuristically outed over the Internet, I’d bet my bottom dollar that he felt even the songs on the radio weren’t meant for him, but for “normal people” more relatable to the singer and deserving of the song’s message.

I hope he wasn’t listening to the radio that day.

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