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Random Sliver of Something

November 1, 2010

I have a silver chain in my purse. It is always there — getting tangled up with my pen, my keys. I flick it away when I fish out coins for peddlers on those days that I am feeling generous.

On certain days, Remo will say, “Oh. You still have it.” I quickly shut the purse and shrug, “Yeah“. The conversation  usually ends there, unless he is feeling prickly. In which case, he will choose his words carefully as if he is picking knives to cut steak — better go for the clean and sharp.

Hard to let go.”

No,” I respond quickly. No, it’s not hard. A short, dry mirthless laugh. He will yawn at this point as if the conversation has bored him. He yawns like that anytime he is feeling fierce with anger. I know him so well. I know that when he really yawns — it rips open his mouth to show all of his crooked teeth. This yawn, on the other hand, is a small, aspirated ‘O’ —- signalling an end to a discussion that is beginning to piss him off.

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