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mera green hathi

December 9, 2010

I found it again. The green elephant that used to sit in our window sill and watch us have sex. Occasionally it would climb down and try to join. I would find it lodged underneath our bodies, squashed and blushing. I would always put it back first before going back to brushing your hair, kissing your face. Our 4-legged peeping tom. Our own, personal pervert. We made jokes about it afterwards. It has no partner, and therefore gets turned on by all the human action that goes on down below. Paavum. Poor thing. How does one live without making love every night, lying in your lover’s arms, sighing into his neck? It was therefore understandable that the green elephant would leap to the chance, and press itself on our bodies, and roll around with us. We never thought to turn it away, turn it around, leave us in our peace. We were generous with our lovemaking. The day you left me, I handed over the green elephant to you. I pleaded with you and said, ” please, I cannot possess this and I cannot throw it away. Please take it from me. “ I said, “Please don’t go.”

By the time, you owned it alone without me in your life, it had lost its bright green and had become a gray, dingy thing.  The thought of it lying in a heap of garbage, discarded, lost—ripped my heart to shreds.  For weeks after my green elephant stopped watching us make love, I would remember it and cry deep into the night. My grief–an open, raw wound for all to see, to cringe at.

I found it again 7 months later. In your house. Sitting on top of your bureau. I took it down and said hello. “Hi, my friend”. I stopped myself from asking what was new? I didn’t really want to know.

[Side note: a re-post: The laziest post in the world:)]

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