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My Ceiling Fan Speaks

May 3, 2011

My ceiling fan looks sturdy enough. It doesn’t swing back and forth like they do sometimes, and seems innoucous enough as it cools my apartment. Except, every now and again, it will make this horribly loud, squeaky noise that sounds like a giant nail scratching the world’s chalkboard. I worry that it is some vital screw slowly coming loose. I worry that one day the rotating fan will fall on my head and decapitate me. Hasn’t happened yet, hence my ability to write this post. Also, I just got internet at home for the first time in all my years in India.  

I moved some five months ago to a one-room apartment near M.G.Road. It’s a strange building. Dusty, old, and cramped. None of the light sockets works properly and the bathroom pipes are a disaster. I also pay a ridiculous amount of money to be able to walk to Koshys, and get lost on Brigade Road on foot. But chalo. I have friends nearby whose home is my morning coffee and newspaper space. And it’s hard to stay irritated when power and water are always available, and no power budgeting seems to affect us.

I hope my ceiling fan stops its squeaks of pain soon.

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