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I think this is my first post on Osama Bin Laden. like ever. maybe.

May 5, 2011

In the midst of all this madness, I found a nerve-ending in my brain to be disgusted by Sullivan’s following take on the pithy, and silly controversy of whether or not the US Government should release Osama Bin Laden’s death pictures.

We celebrate not the death of an individual as such but the blow to his wicked organization, and some closure and justice after his multiple mass murders. To put his head on a digital spike and display his mangled head is, indeed, not the Western way. We are better than that. (Link)

Better than who? what? I am mind-fucked enough to want to tunnel all my fuck-you’s into this jingoistic arrogance.

The Western way is the civilized way where 10 years-millions dead-sanctioning of torture-wars later, we send in highly trained, highly equipped army personnel to go and kill some fool. The Western way is where we can safely rejoice this fool’s death, but let’s make sure no one feels too bad about his death by showing his blood and guts. How fucking insulting.

Every time something gruesome happens in our history, politicians and non-politicians grapple and wring their hands about whether to release images of the event. And the gist of these arguments are always that these images (whether it is Abu Ghraib or the death of our soldiers) would somehow incite the crazy Arab world into more violence (against Americans specifically!) and that it would make Americans feel bad about ourselves. I am tired of these template, boiler-plate public discourses. Anyone who is crazy and violently inclined has already seen the dozens of fake photos readily available seemingly everywhere and are already Enraged-due-to-Picture-Viewing. And if others in the world start to see something more than the Triumph of Good! about Osama’s killing, then maybe that’s not such a terrible thing.

We have violence all around us. All the time. In our televisions, in our streets, on the radio, inside our theaters, our newspapers, our magazines, in our language, how we speak and think about each other. It is so ingrained that we don’t even see it as violence. We don’t even understand our de-sensitization as violence. And yet, this is okay, because we profit from it – industries are never wrong.

When you kill someone, you kill someone. Don’t pretend that there was no blood spilled, no fear, no brain matter flying around, no ugliness, no loss of a human life. If some people see these images and get gleeful and if that makes our collective consciences flinch, well.. I am okay with that. If some people see these images and think twice about the joy they feel in their hearts about someone’s death, well.. I am okay with that. If some people see these images, and feel angry, fuck, I am Okay With That. We should all be a little bit more angry, that as a nation, we have been reduced to celebrating death and that this is nothing new. If some of us see these images and question whether justice really just happened, then, god almighty, I am okay with that.

As a side note: All those American teenagers who don’t know who Osama Bin Laden is… umm… unless it’s because none of them have ever seen a television, I am embarrassed for them.

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