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Quote of the Day: There are new kings on the block now

May 16, 2011

[…] I’m not sure what backing a resistance movement means—saying nice things about it? I think I meant that we should become the resistance. […] Even here in India, there are these somewhat artificial debates about “violent” and “non-violent” resistance—basically a critique of the Maoists’ armed struggle in the mineral-rich forests of Central India. The fact is that if everybody leaves adivasis to fight their own battles against displacement and destitution, it’s impossible to expect them to be Gandhian. However, it is open to people outside the forest, well-off and middle-class people who the media pays mind to, to become a part of the resistance. If they stood up, then perhaps those in the forest would not need to resort to arms. If they won’t stand up, then there’s not much point in their preaching morality to the victims of the war. About Bush and Obama: frankly, I’m tired of debating U.S. politics. There are new kings on the block now.

Arundhati Roy in an interview with Amitava Kumar for Guernica magazine

Unrelatedly, but sort of relatedly also… Amitava Kumar recently won a flash fiction contest with this total brilliance that has been hovering on my mind since I read it. Go read it and make your day.

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