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How I have Birthday-ed: Part II

May 18, 2011

I came across an old post of mine — how i have birthdayed — a trip through all my past birthdays during my 20s.  A wonderfully, self-involved thing to do. I feel like continuing where it stops. 29. Before I go totally senile and forget. I am already having problems with just the past 4 years. Things are murky before they are not. I am definitely becoming stupid-er. Oy.

29. Bangalore
Most of it was good, I think.
I remember wandering through Shivaji Nagar, looking for sweets to give people at Sangama. I didn’t really want to, but ichayan did… so we did. We ended up buying these evil-looking, yellow bulbs of sugar. I thought it was gross and didn’t eat any. It was the weekend. There were drama rehearsals on the Sangama terrace. There were four people who were not speaking to me (literally), but they did strangely enough all buy me gifts, which they asked other people to pass on to me. We went to a friend’s house later that day, who had stayed up the night before decorating his small home for me. I was really touched. There was a heated argument right before we partied that I remember. We were talking near some bushes in Dasarahalli and I can still remember the kothi who passed us by. The next day kind of sucked. There was needless, possibly PMS-fueled crying. Sigh.

30. Bangalore
Basically horrible with lovely tidbits
I was woken up at the stroke of midnight with gifts and kisses. People were talking to me again. I loved all my gifts, they made me laugh. ichayan tried to write love poems, they were kind of great. There’s a cell video of me beaming happily. We planned the next day to go see SlumDog Millionaire. A ridiculous fight — the most ridiculous fight imaginable — broke out. Regret. It plummeted fast from there. Fuck.

31. Desmoines
Intensely Boring
It was the first time I had spend a birthday with my parents in years. They took my apathy to be shame. But in fact, I was stepping into my third decade with a sigh of relief. I was sort of tired of being 20-something. They did buy me a lovely gift — a very great video camera. It was purple. I love it still.

32. Bangalore
I wrote an un-inspired post about it. It could have sucked lots. But then didn’t. Malls, books, bike-rides, hurried end to things. Had dinner with friends, and the three of us danced all night and talked about sex and love. I came home with sadness in my heart.

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