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Americans, whites, sigh. It’s too hot for this.

May 26, 2011

Before I step into my rant, I must describe today.

It’s hot. And not just hot, but bright. It feels like a giant malevolent hand is holding a magnifying glass over my head, and I can feel the sun seeping into my brain, cooking angry thoughts. Feeling addled (I had already stepped out the house with my pants inside out, and had to causally go back home to wear them correctly—today is a forgot-how-to-wear-pants kinda day), I stand at the MG Road traffic signal (I also have the largest-pimple-in-the-world growing on my face), trying not to feel oppressed by the heat and the traffic and the typical miasma of a hot, summer day. When. These two men come up behind me, one white (clearly American, why do we stand out so much?), the other Indian. The white man was asking the Indian guy about his job experience. Asking him how long he has been with “the company”.

Indian Dude (ID): 5 years
White Guy (WG): Are there like opportunities here?
ID: .. umm..
WG: For example, I am … like.. I hop around. My first job was 5 years, my second was 5, then my third job is now 8 years. So I get eehh ***makes hand motions indicating agitation*** around 5 years. I wanna move on, you know?
ID: (laughs) Yes, I know what you mean. I am the same way.
WG: Because you know, good opportunities are important. It is important to have a sense of job satisfaction. I don’t know if there are a lot of opportunities around here, like we have in my country.

Why must so many Americans sound like car salesmen, constantly marketing something or another — jobs, a better experience, access to health care, safety, pizza. It’s infuriating. Just be. Is it possible to have a conversation that does not seem to have an internal agenda?

Why is there a constant need to “study” and “learn” while here, as if India is a large cultural studies class period made specifically for white people to expand their knowledge on cuisine and dress and transportation modes? The self-involvement is so thick, it borders on delusional. It certainly explains why there are so many foreigners wanting to write books on “little known” India or photograph people and show “real India” abroad. Can this stop? There are Indian people in America, speak to them, find out what is intolerable about your behavior, learn from it and then come to India. In fact, be around people of colour, people from different cultures, who didn’t grow up in the suburbs. Leave your world. It’s only then that you avoid carrying it with you everywhere you go. And yes, I am speaking to you, white dude, who annoyed me at the MG road traffic signal today at 4.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    August 2, 2011 10:15 pm

    You, my fellow human, are an idiot.

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