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Larry Flynt lost his virginity to a chicken

June 22, 2011

The thing about  the chicken:

He lost his own virginity at the age of nine, to a chicken. He describes penetrating its egg sack, and how “when I let the chicken go, it started towards the main house, staggering, squawking and bleeding” – so he immediately killed it. Did you feel bad for the chicken? “What? No. It was a” – long breath, gasp – “chicken.”

Johann Hari’s wonderful profile on Flynt.  Go read the full thing. It’s fascinating to see him like this. Sad, totally creepy.

One of my favorite bits:

Then I describe “The Naked and the Dead”, a Hustler spread in which a woman is forcibly shaved, raped, and apparently killed in a concentration camp. Who, I ask, finds that sexy? “That is satire. That’s what I went to the United States supreme court for. It was a landmark judgment. It was a unanimous decision. Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist, one of the most conservative justices, said sometimes things are done under the name of the First Amendment that are less than admirable but that doesn’t give the government the right to suppress it.”

I’m not arguing it should be suppressed, I explain. I support your right to say it – just as I have a right to respond by saying it’s vile and asking you why you did it. “It’s satire,” he says, testily. But what’s it satirising? “What?” he says. What’s it satirising? “It’s satirising the whole idea of a pretty girl being executed.” But how is that a concept that needs satirising? How is that even a concept at all? “It wasn’t done as any kind of statement,” he says. But you just said it was a statement – a satirical one. “There wasn’t any malice in it,” he says. Really? It’s a non-malicious concentration camp?



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