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All Things Gender-Bending

June 23, 2011

This hot ad from Campari Red Wine Ad.  Commercials getting sexy in a way I can get behind:)

Via Sociological Images

Then there is this fairly mild J.crew Ad that came out some weeks ago.

This image then has a caption that says, “Lucky for me I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is so much more fun in neon.” A mother suggesting that her son’s preference for the color pink is fun means the destruction of the entire human species according to FOX news, health guy, Dr.Keith Ablow. He warns that “our species” will suffer “real psychological turmoil” as piles of amputated genitalia build up at hospitals. All from the ad above.

And finally, Dossier Journal breaks out the black plastic covering for their cover. Via Sociological Images

SI has this to say:

Explaining why it is legal for men to be shirtless in public but illegal for women to do the same, most Americans would probably refer to the fact that women have breasts and men have chests. Breasts, after all, are… these things. They incite us, disgust us, send us into grabby fits. They’re just so there. They force us to contend with them; they’re bouncy or flat or pointy or pendulous and sometimes they’re plain missing! They demand their individuality! Why won’t they obey some sort of law and order!

Much better to contain those babies.

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