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Rail tracks in the rain

July 13, 2011

We climbed a small hill and walked on the railway tracks. Stones stabbed my slippers and I could almost feel the rush of past trains violating the quiet of the green all around. A slight rain washed away the bright sun. We walked slowly to the nearest the provisions store. There we noticed a tough, slight and intensely muscular black man with a long piece of dirty, white cloth in his hand. Wearing only a banyan and a red towel, he was discussing the coconut tree he was about to climb. We both waited until he got near the tree, and asked him if we could film him climbing the tree and hacking away at the coconuts. He nodded, surprised and dismissive at the same time. He climbed, I filmed. I saw that he had tough, ripped muscles in every part of his almost bony looking body.

We got our food, and walked back. I cooked on a chati and made the best potato curry I have ever made.

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