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I pay extra when i travel because i do

July 22, 2011

Three things happened on my recent bus ride back to Kerala.

Thing #1

Tiffin aita?” Had dinner?

I nodded my head, and got ready to climb the bus. The bus-list-checker/conductor stops me and looks at me gravely. I am informed that my seat is surrounded by “gents”. I look back at him, also grave. Do something, I tell him.

Okay, Rs.50 nikalo”  Give me Rs.50.

I – being me – gave him Rs.100 note, expecting change. He directed me to a seat with a woman, sleeping next to me. No change. I look back and see that my original seat was surrounded by empty seats.

Thing #2

The bus tire got punctured. I woke up at 3:00 am and waited as passengers slowly came awake, realizing that the bus hasn’t moved for an hour. One guy talked at length about how he left all his luggage on the bus (including a laptop) and stepped out for some tea. The bus left without him. He was upset. He wanted solutions.

Thing #3

There was a stop at Palakkad, a town about 40 Kms away from Thrissur (where I needed to get off). I got off thinking I had reached Thrissur and wandered around, and even asked an auto-wallah to take me to my destination. I had to run back to my bus as my mental bulb lit.

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