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Ayn Rand’s commenters are kinda crazy like a fox

July 26, 2011

Some twenty years ago (also called three years ago), I wrote a post on Ayn Rand. It still sort of amazes me that the post continues to be received by hot, sputtering, barely coherent anger by the few and insane. This morning I get this comment in my inbox.

Powerful words. It must totally creep out the customers in the laser hair removal center when you mutter hateful insane drivel like that over their legs and hind quarters. Must kill you on tips.

The comment struck me for its specific class angle and sheer weirdness. I am someone who removes unwanted hair for a living, which is what people who hate Ayn Rand do. Because we are poor and crazy.

I don’t actually have a political opinion on Rand, except I think she was full mad. Her philosophy is overwhelmingly irrelevant. I like reading about her life though, because she had kind of a heart-breaking existence. I mean, not really. She was rich and cult-ey, but also prone to love and she died alone and that’s always sad.


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