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Himanshu Kumar discusses the Naxalite movement, Dantewada

August 11, 2011

(Rough) Translation/Transcription below

Interviewer (I) :  Why Naxalite? Why? Why are there still Naxalites here? This has been going on since 1965.

Himanshu (H) : See, I think that humans never want for violence, humans are always seeking stability and security and comfort in a permanent state.  And when we take away these things from someone, they then proceed to violence and try to get to a state of comfort. So those who are fighting, are actually fighting for peace. And..

I: But this is a contradiction. They are fighting for peace? This is strange.

H: But most conflicts happen for peace only. The government that is fighting is also claiming to fight for peace. But the government is bigger than us, which is why we are trying to tell the government that guns don’t bring peace. And we know this about Naxalites also. The Naxalites who are among us are there because something has been taken from them. We who live comfortably don’t fight. Those who fight are the ones who have something taken from them. Which is why we say that it is the society’s responsibility that they understand why there is a Naxalite presence in society.

I: Why is there a presence? This goes back to my initial question.

H: People who join the movement are those who have had their land taken from them. They join the Naxalite movement. That’s why we tell people, Naxalite is not a disease, it is a symptom. Problem is elsewhere. The symptom should be understood and there should be [healing] care given.

I: So then where is the disease?

H: Basically, if we are looking at society as a whole, then workers are in a lot of trouble here. And those who do not work are having a good time. This has always been a difficult for workers, so they have always struggled and fought. And those who are not workers (who are having a good time) have always wreaked violence on them. And have always tried to silence these voices with power, which leads to more violence.

I: But why can’t the workers also have a good time? There is development, there is education. Why are they not being educated?

H: It’s not a matter of education… see.. these tribal areas, you know that Dantewada has become the head quarters for Naxalites now.

I: Which state is Dantewada in?

H: Chattisgarh. We can say that the Naxalites are strongest at Dantewada. And at Dantewarda, in 2005, the [Indian] government have taken away land, displaced and tortured civilians, emptied villages.

I: But now you are talking about Dantewada. But Naxalites are in 200 districts. Why? I can understand the problems at Dantewada.

H: But these reasons all relate to the problems in central India, with its mineral-rich areas where governments illegally take away land to acquire the minerals and the wealth. [These activities] don’t comply by either state law or the constitution. They are stealing away land using ‘lathis’ and guns. If the government won’t comply with the law, why should [civilians]?

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