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bookclubs are cool

August 18, 2011

Here’s a podcast on book clubs.  It’s wonderfully nerdy. The opening minutes are an extended sharing on how one man planned and facilitated a book club (an interesting and useful guide, also). They talk about Oprah. There’s an audio of Jonathan Franzen’s reaction to Oprah, and he sounds like a huge asshole.  I talked about Oprah’s book-club years ago here.

I love book-clubs. I have started or immediately joined a book club in three out of the five cities I have ever lived in. (that is, as of 2011) (Wow, I have lived in 5 cities, that sounds like a lot of cities. Is it? I am 32. It’s probably not).

My Iowa city book club was the most fun, my favorite. My  friends coming over and talking about books. In DC, I started one by putting up an ad in Craigslist and then meeting people at a public setting. So the bookclub was really random. Usually no one came. But there was one guy, Nick something. He would come every single (3rd) Sunday of every month.  Sometimes it was just him and me  — awkward. But also cool. Because he loved talking about books.  The one in Bangalore that I joined, sucked. Not that I went regularly, I went twice in 3 years, I think. But I do remember having a really pretentious discussion about Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore at that fancy tea place in Cunningham Road.

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