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Tomatino fuckness in Bangalore

August 29, 2011

This is disgusting. The whole thing has my full hate. Here’s some footage of it happening in Hyderabad.

It must be nice (or gross) to be so isolated and privileged that you can throw food at each other in mass quantities and pretend to be European (or be European, who knows?) It also costs Rs.1500 to get into this numb-headed party. Rs.1500 is rent money for many. One suggestion that someone made was to throw stones at each other (instead of tomatoes) because such people really can die. Sometimes violence is funny and okay.

The only such festival that I know of, is when they squish grapes in Italy, but then those squished grapes get used afterwards to make wine. (Am I making this up? Possible.The grape thing, I mean. The Tomatino thing is apparently real).

Anyway. There is a facebook page about it, aptly named ‘WTF’. In it, someone helpfully posted email addresses of all the major news channels in Bangalore so you can write to them and share any overwhelming loathing that you might feel for the organizers and participants of this event. -Deccan Chronicle – Deccan Herald – The Hindu – Headlines Today – TV9 Kannada – News 9 English

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