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“Captive Genders” interview on Queers, Prisons and Justice

September 29, 2011

Quote of the Day: (from a larger interview well worth reading).

Why do we hear so much about issues like “don’t ask, don’t tell” and same-sex marriage, yet so little about this issue?

Smith: Because it is an issue of mainstream belonging. These are issues of fighting for more state control, and they have, frankly, nothing to do with justice. We shouldn’t need or want a piece of paper from the state to be able to love and be loved, to be able to get access to health care, or be allowed to stay in this nation. We shouldn’t be asking to sit at the table — we should be dismantling the table. Fighting for marriage, fighting to be in the military, fighting for hate-crime legislation to criminalize and imprison more people — these are not solutions to the day-to-day issues we face of poverty, violence, or lack of respect as community members. These reforms actually work against us, strengthening this system rather than weakening it.

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