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Attention Snag 2: Links roundup

October 15, 2011

In Orissa, Dalit girls enter a temple and the entire village is punished.


Pavement Dwellers’ plea from Chennai

The Pavement Dwellers’ Rights Association of Chennai has urged the State government to let out TNSCB tenements to them on rent.

Addressing press persons here recently, S.Sridhar, president of the Association, said that there were around 10,000 families living on the pavements in the city and instead of creating more night shelters, tenements could be allotted to them.

Watch the demonstration here.

‘Maoist’ Soni Sori admitted to hospital with injuries

Soni Sori, a 36 year old adivasi school teacher arrested in New Delhi on charges of being a Maoist, and sent to Dantewada for police interrogation, was admitted to the district hospital on Monday morning with head and back injuries.

The police are saying that she sustained these injuries by falling down in the bathroom. Amnesty International has called for their release. 

Dress modestly: Masked men enter girls’ school, thrash students (Pakistan)

In a first for the garrison city, sixty masked men carrying iron rods barged into a girls’ school in Rawalpindi and thrashed students and female teachers on Friday.

Multi-national oil companies = colonialism in Nigeria

Shell has fuelled armed conflict in Nigeria by paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to feuding militant groups, according to an investigation by the oil industry watchdog Platform, and a coalition of non-government organisations.

The oil giant is implicated in a decade of human rights abuses in the Niger delta, the study says, claiming that its routine payments exacerbated local violence, in one case leading to the deaths of 60 people and the destruction of an entire town.


Sex Worker Open University 2011 opens in London 12 – 16 October

The second edition of the pioneering London Sex Worker Open University will happen at The Arcola Theatre (24 Ashwin Street, Dalston, London E8 3DL) in East London 12-16 October, bringing together sex workers and allies from around the world to learn new skills, socialise and empower themselves, whilst exploring the diversity and contradictions of the sex industry.

Conversations like these are deeply important. Ones that disrupt our preconceived narratives about victims and oppressed people.

So the question for me here, and where I vehemently disagree with Bynes, is how one defines “provocation” and who judges what then is the socially acceptable response. I tend to agree with Brontez. Too often people who are targeted for violence have to have their motivations and their recollection of all the “facts” or chronology of all the events hyper-scrutinized beyond recognition if they at all do anything other than lay down and take the abuse (or in the case of sexual assault, you’re accused of lying if you don’t have any physical evidence that you fought back, or you choose to try to still (and steel) yourself to try to avoid further violence, or are simply in a state of shock). And what is more true than not, most of us, in some way, respond verbally or physically fight back.

I think Brontez was enraged by the situation and responded accordingly. But rage, as bell hooks once stated, is an appropriate response to oppression.

The poster says, “In America, you are the 99%, but to the rest of world, you are still the 1%”.

Is this true? Is the income of the bottom 99% of US citizens in the top 1% of world income? Short answer: maybe.

Go read why.

Alabama Law Makes It A Felony For Undocumented Immigrants To Have Water At Their Homes. Jesus.

The Story of the New Jersey 7 (“killer lesbians”)

One of the most striking facts about this case is how little attention it received beyond a few lurid accounts. The New Jersey 7 incident and the circumstances of Sakia Gunn’s death suggest that a Black lesbian who has the misfortune of encountering sexualized street harassment be virtually ignored if she dies and will be punished if she lives.


Facing Wave of Attacks, Brooklyn Neighborhoods Rally


James Fallows’ wife gets her gmail account hacked and he writes a thoroughly detailed and informative piece on the whole thing.

As in the great majority of hacking cases, my wife had been using the same password for her Gmail account as for some other, less secure sites, where her username was her Gmail address. (Who hasn’t done this?) And one way or another, a list of e‑mail addresses and associated passwords from one of those sites had made its way to hackers.

Useful easy lesson: Use different passwords for different sites.

Here’s a clip of Rick Perry sounding truly stupid as he answers how abstinence only programs are secretly successful in Texas. Yes, it’s fun to watch.


Bookslut has an awesome excerpt up on women being all BDSM-ey in the early 18th century. There’s death and graves. Also meowing nuns. Best is this (but it’s all pretty great).

The convulsionists were so disruptive to the neighborhood that in 1732 the cemetery was sealed by royal decree. Louis XV exercised his supreme sovereignty with the following mandate: “By order of the King, God is hereby forbidden from working any miracles in this spot.” While God complied, the girls proved more difficult to manage…

Yes, I want to now read Asti Hustvedt’s Medical Muses: Hysteria in Nineteenth Century Paris immediately.


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