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Attention Snag 3 – Lots of Links

October 22, 2011

Lehrer describes a psychological experiment (Just World Hypothesis) to talk about why most of us don’t care so much about prisoner rights issues.

The situation is almost certainly worse when it comes to people who deserve to be punished. These abused prisoners aren’t martyrs – they are criminals. Unfortunately, that makes it even easier for us to ignore their plight, to brush aside their suffering as an inevitable feature of our just world.

Lehrer has written about this before, and it has intrigued me before.


Sundar writes succinctly and brilliantly about the Gandhi Peace Award given to non-adivasis to recognize the “The Tribal Peoples of India”.

At the same time, however, it is true that assertions of indigeneity and adivasi identity are often voiced by middle class activists in international fora far away from the everyday struggles of adivasis against displacement which are led by non-indigenist parties or organizations; and presume a homogeneity which does not in fact exist.

Haiti Doesn’t Need Your Old T-Shirt. Excellent aid development critique.

Garth Frazer of the University of Toronto estimates that increased used-clothing imports accounted for about half of the decline in apparel industry employment in Africa between 1981 and 2000. Want to really help a Zambian? Give him a shirt made in Zambia.

There’s a great blog dedicated to this: AIDWATCH

Conference on Torture : Police are the “biggest torturers”

Pakistan and her Polio Eradication Problem


Media is too fixated and judg-ey about the rapture-following, doomsday folks. She’s right.

Christian Right Wing Pastor Mark Driscoll Says Masturbation Is Form Of Homosexuality

The Designated Mourner is a play that sucked up my concentration for three hours. It was almost worth it.


I wrote a poem out of a coffee fit. who wants to hear it? I’m still the child. I can’t go unheard—unseen. I am no Emily Dickinson nor was I meant to be—my private history shut up in a room—but still, I want to write my own material. I want to speak my own words.

From the Journals of Spalding Gray

I will find a way to harm you or cause you suffering if you fuck with the mechanics of this piece.

David Foster Wallace writes a letter to his editor. It’s awesome.
African Barbies. No, it’s not a metaphor. Check out the “African Goddess”.


Slate warns us about ‘Take this Lollipop‘, so we can be fully informed about feeding our facebook data and starring in a horror film. Creepy cool.

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