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anti-choice movement is a misogynist movement

October 25, 2011

In the United States, federal law (Hyde Amendment) prohibits using government funding for abortions, except in the case of rape, incest and when the pregnancy endangers the life of the woman. Because of these exceptions, there has been a concerted effort to reduce access to care for women who have survived rape, incest and those who are dying.

And that’s only two pieces of heinous legislation.

Through March 31, [2011] legislators introduced 916 measures related to reproductive health and rights in the 49 state legislatures that had convened their regular session. Via

Among them…

In February, South Dakota and Nebraska both considered bills that would have made it a “justifiable homicide” to kill an abortion doctor. In March, a Louisiana state legislator introduced a bill that would have classified abortion as “feticide.” Ohio is considering a measure known as the “Heartbeat Bill,” which would ban abortions once a heartbeat is detected. At Sen. Jim DeMint’s presidential forum in South Carolina in September, candidates were grilled on whether they supported applying 14th Amendment protections to fetuses. (Via MJ)

Women’s health is being attacked from every side.

Over the past year, the anti-choice movement has revealed that it is essentially a misogynist movement. From trivializing and mocking women’s experiences of sexual violence to actively working to harm and counter women’s survival from violence.

In the beginning of this year, 173 (mostly Republican) co-sponsors tried to pass a law that would untangle the differences between “rape” and “forcible rape”. They tried to cut federal funding for abortions in instances of sexual violence which were deemed “not forcible”. “The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

This is what rape culture looks like – the belief that what women do between their legs should have some bearing on what legal, medical and emergency services are available to them.

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  1. October 25, 2011 2:27 pm

    Absolutely, women’s bodies have been hijacked for too long especially in the U.S. Unfortunately, the UK is not far behind with lobby groups attempting to reduce women’s say in regard to their bodies.


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