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Herman Cain is like some post-modernist regressive, racist fool…who’s the top tier GOP candidate

October 26, 2011

Herman Cain might be known best as the former CEO of Godfathers Pizza, but he served an equally substantial role as a lobbyist for the restaurant and fast food industry.[…] Cain also lobbied on behalf of tobacco industry giants like R.J. Reynolds and Phillip Morris. […] Cain met frequently with representatives of R.J. Reynolds and other cigarette companies to find areas of mutual concern. (more via ThinkProgress)

Here is Cain’s latest presidential ad. Watch for the 0.40 mark.

Baffled? Yes, you must be a person then. TPM does a good job of putting the WTF-uckery in perspective.

Along with being your usual dogmatic, right-wing opportunist and hypocrite, Cain has also tried to make creepy levels of racism acceptable.

Cain went further then lending his voice. He lent his own money — $1 million worth — to persuade African Americans to vote Republican in the 2006 election with these racially-charged ads. The Bush administration called the ads “inappropriate” and the RNC called them “racist or race-baiting in intent.” (Listen to Cain in one ad – via ThinkProgress)

Within this context, of course Cain believes two-thirds of black people are brain-washed for not voting Republican or that Muslims do not deserve civil rights and that immigrants should be killed.

Jay Smooth makes fun of him, so we don’t start taking this man any kind of seriously.

Herman Cain Ad Parody.

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