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November 12, 2011

131 Children Vaccinated At Gunpoint in Malawi

The [Bill and Melinda] Gates Foundation has long been in an aggressive effort to vaccinate the world and often targets poor Africans. The Gates’ web site showcases Melinda Gates applauding Malawi for enforcing vaccine programs with its helpful “health surveillance assistants.” She calls Malawi one of the few countries “on track to reach the UN Millennium Development Goal.” And who are those assistants meeting the goal? Hyper-vigilant medics with help from police.

Haiti cholera victims demand UN compensation

The UN is facing claims for hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation from Haitian cholera victims. Several studies have found that cholera was probably brought to Haiti by UN peacekeepers […]


Sex workers stuck in HIV nightmare. Woah. Only 5% of sex workers in South Africa access health care.

Harassment by police and humiliation at clinics mean just 5 percent of sex workers are getting health care. This is according to research by the Sex Worker Education Advocacy Taskforce (Sweat), which says up to 60 percent of sex workers nationwide were HIV-positive […]

An US Foreign Student Exchange Program run by the US State Department brings foreign students to work at US factories.

Students like Mr. Ureche, who had paid as much as $6,000 to take part in the program, expected a chance to see the best of this country […] Instead, many students who were placed at the packing plant found themselves working grueling night shifts on speeding production lines […]

‘Not mandatory’ but maids, guards get fingerprinted [if the link is non-functioning, try googling later. Bangalore Mirror’s server is flubby]

The Cubbon Park police have begun profiling domestic help in their jurisdiction. Personal details will be stored in a database, which can be accessed by potential employers
Residents’ welfare associations were almost unanimously positive about the move.

Residents Welfare Associations are raging assholes and suck a lot.

Prison Costs More Than Princeton

One year at Princeton University is about $37,000. One year to house a prisoner at New Jersey state prison is $44,000.

NPR’s Terri Gross’s interview with Darrell Hammond from SNL. It’s gut-wrenching.


Made to Disorder: When mental disorders are a cultural product by Jessa Crispin

Hustvedt argues that simply because madness is malleable does not mean that it does not exist, or that it is not a real problem […] She lived during a period that allowed her to express her suffering in a particular way, through a particular set of symptoms, symptoms that are no longer an admissible way to express illness.


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