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Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged was made into an awkward, Tea Party movie

November 15, 2011

How does one make a good movie out of Atlas Shrugged, though? It’s almost valiant to try. Almost. Or delusional. And the universe tried to point this out to the film makers recently in its own awesome way.

But yeah. I am still getting crazy comments on my old Ayn Rand post.

Rand was an anus who missed her calling as a Nazi. Americans who should have been Nazis are excited by Rand’s literary anus. — Z

Z, whoever you are, Rand’s gone. She was a sad, old woman who used her nihilistic ideas to control the world around her and for a while succeeded. I just don’t get feeling anything but pity for her. Maybe pity is the wrong word. But pity’s cousin, then.

She is the Ron Hubbard, the Scientologist of the conservative movement. I have walked past the Ron Hubbard Center (or something) in DC. It’s fancy, weird and sad in a faintly embarrassing way.

Ayn Rand built characters onto whom the conservative hard right can pour their wet-dream fantasies and aspirations into, and call it philosophy. They molded her ideas to suit their own political agendas (ex. Rand’s strong atheism) How can anyone take the sham seriously?

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