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November 19, 2011

Activist nun who fought Indian mining companies brutally murdered. Sad.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, a mob of 25 or 30 men carrying spears, clubs and axes burst into her house in Pachuwara, a remote village in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand. They beat and hacked her to death, a week after she went home.

The “they” Sister Valsa feared were “goons” hired by the mining companies she had helped the community of Pachuwara fight. The “coal mafia” told her on more than one occasion to get out of Pachuwara or they would kill her. She had repeatedly appealed to police for protection after threats on her life.

Without consent: how drugs companies exploit Indian ‘guinea pigs’ [Link]

Illiterate patients say they never agreed to take part in trials run by industry worth £189m […] Western pharmaceutical companies have seized on India over the past five years as a testing ground for drugs – making the most of a huge population and loose regulations which help dramatically cut research costs for lucrative products to be sold in the West.

Awesome. On state violence, white male privilege and ‘Occupy’

The class-based framing and the lack of intersectional analysis – it is difficult to undo “the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy” by overlooking the centrality of white supremacy and patriarchy. The amorphous lack of specific demands, save that of attention – trust me, if my multi-race, multi-gendered, multi-sexuality crew and I are camping out in protest, in a public space at that, we know exactly what we are gonna ask for.

While the Occupy Movement may evolve and expand in new directions, form new coalitions, as of now, it is a movement dominated by “white” male privilege. And nowhere is this more telling than in the response to state violence against protesters and in the absence of a critique of the political economy of the prison industrial complex.

A new study from Applied Research Center [pdf download]: Shattered Families: The Perilous Intersection of Immigration Enforcement and the Child Welfare System

ARC conservatively estimates that there are at least 5,100 children currently living in foster care whose parents have been either detained or deported. If the same rate holds true for new cases, in the next five years, at least 15,000 more children will face these threats to reunification with their detained and deported mothers and fathers.

Rio Slum Is ‘Pacified’ in Advance of Games [Link]

About 3,000 police officers and soldiers moved into one of the largest slums here on Sunday in a pivotal effort by the government to assert control over lawless areas of the city ahead of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics.

269 Convicted of Raping Adivasi Women (in Tamil Nadu). [Video Link]

Caste in Prison Stone

In Tamil Nadu’s southern districts, prisoners are segregated by caste in jails.

Egypt: Homosexuals to Occupy Tahrir on January 1 (via Global Voices)


A visual history of the West’s misguided attempts to send its hand-me-downs to the developing world. [Link]


Learning English to Become a Sex Worker: Benin

Many young people in French-speaking Benin are learning English to adapt to globalization, but some young women have another goal: to enter the thriving sex industry in neighbouring Nigeria, where the market is considered more lucrative. […] Although it is hard to assess the extent of this clandestine trend, Jean-Paul, who is in the same business English class as Jenifer, is aware of his classmate’s objective. “Basically, it’s English for sex,” he said.


“You know T-Rex, it takes a special kind of person to demand a gender-free singular pronoun and end up with “bitches”

🙂 Discovery of Dinosaur Comics

Publisher Owned by Catholic Church Accused of Selling Pornographic, Satanic Novels [Link]

The largest German publisher, Weltbild (Worldview) Publishing Group, which is owned by the Roman Catholic Church of Germany, was discovered to be offering pornographic novels as well as books dealing with the occult and magic, and a group of Catholics alleges this has been going on for over a decade.

Terror on campus: Deaths, hate mail mark tense time for Black Penn State students [Link]

The homicides occurred in an atmosphere of death threats and hate mail received since last October by Black students at Penn State. During that time, Black Student Caucus president and senior broadcast journalism major LaKeisha Wolf received a series of hate letters informing her, among other threats, “We ought to tar and feather you … stupid Black b—-. You keep your trap shut or we’ll shut it for you!”

Ms. Wolf, age 21, a petite woman clad in an ivory bulletproof vest for her protection, met with The Final Call May 4, along with other members of the Penn State Student Black Caucus, to detail their turbulent year.

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