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Driving While Mad

November 22, 2011

Not hearing your voice adds a sickness to my heart that is difficult to live with. So. Resolution laughably short-lived and discarded with some relief. I have to re-learn my insistent madness. As with all kinds of mad things, it is best to rearrange our rhythms and make room for them. Or else. They’ll camp out on the front lawn, almost causing a minor car accident as you turn — with heart in throat — onto the path of a car whose driver widened her eyes in shock as she swerved out of the way.

I briefly imagined all the drivers who saw my embarrassing driving fail think, “look at that brown girl who doesn’t know the rules of driving in this country. probably doesn’t even have insurance.” I drove away, grateful that the other girl did know how to drive. Can’t wait till it snows and I finally die.

Speaking of missing marbles. My computer lost it’s >. key button. It looks funny, like some gap-toothed old man. Or as if my keyboard has sores. I didn’t realize I was being so aggressive with my periods, my full-stops.

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