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Joshua Muyiwa and Dripink [poetry]

December 26, 2011

I am so grateful that Joshua Muyiwa decided to put up so much of his wonderful verse on the web. Go read. So damn good. There’s more here.

Here’s just one out of a trove of treasures.

By Joshua Muyiwa


Let’s fall in love with
the same person.
It could be me or you.
I would prefer me.
And then let’s take a road-trip
to some small town in Karnataka.
How about Koodli?
The place where the Tunga meets
the Bhadra, lets you and I meet.
Okay, get ready, learn to say my name.
It is Joshua Olatokunbo Rahoul Muyiwa.
Fuck you, it is sexy if you say it right.
We will drive into an empty field,
park under a large banyan tree.
Then, we will kiss and bite
the seat covers into small clouds of dandelion
and then fuck.
It will be tongues groping, fingers tasting,
toes hearing and skin seeing.
It will be the kind of sex
that will make us cry and moan
and the banyan tree will stretch
it’s tendrils to whip our butts.
But remember, we must both scream Joshua.

[Here he is performing at the Bangalore Queer Festival Poetry reading]

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  1. moyosore permalink
    October 3, 2012 3:03 am

    good poetry work. my name is muyiwa anna moyosoreoluwa.i am from nigeria,precisely osun state.i would like to be linked with Rahoul Olatokunbo Joshua Muyiwa for a very private issue.a speedy reply will be highly appreciated. thank you.

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