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More reasons to be ashamed of India’s failed state governance – Orissa – Part II [Jindal Steel Plant Violence]

February 1, 2012

More Violence. More indefensible, cowardly violence against unarmed civilians demanding that they be allowed to live their lives even if it means less of a profit margin for Jindal Steel Plant. Witness.

[Trigger Warning]

From a Note from the activist, Himanshu Kumar

Dear Friends,

Everyday in different parts of our state, people of Odisha especially Adivasis and farmers became victims of forceful displacement. Those are displaced, they are again victimsed by the corporate and the govt. More than 15 thousand people have been displaced for Jindal Steel and Power Ltd. company in Angul Dist. of Odisha in last 5 years. The Govt of Odisha had suppressed the anti-displacement movement at the beginning, People had opposed in the public hearing conducted by the State Pollution control Board and managed by the dist. administration. Though the officials had declared that another public hearing would be done, but it did not take place. The first hearing was manipulated and fabricated by which the company got environment clearance, Practically four thousand acres of land were acquired by the govt for the company by using police force as well as alluring high payment or compensation and employment guarantee. But after acquisition of land, the displaced people are being betrayed and left un-employed without source of livelihood. Now the company have grabbed another 5000 acres of forest land destroying more than 4 laks of Sal tree without any clearance.
They have been demanding justified compensation, rehabilitation and permanent employment. The govt. remains silent where as the people have been waiting for justice.

On 25th January 2012 just before the Republic Day, 4 thousand unarmed, displaced people including women went to company gate to demand their right to livelihood and life with dignity. But in the presence of police, they were attacked physically by the security guards of Jindal company without any provocation. The security force used lathis and iron rods by which people are being beaten mercilessly. Women were attacked in such a inhuman way, that their clothes were tored and they were being injured severely from tip to toe. More than 200 persons became seriously injured and admitted in the Angul district Hospital and some of them were shifted to SCB medical college, Cutack, without any assistance or help of the govt. Many injured women are not in the hospital being feared. Now they are in their homes without medical treatments. Six days already passed but no justice is given to the victims. Now thousands of people have been demonstrating before company gate, they are not allowing for any construction work. In the local police station, F.I.R was lodged against CEO of the company, but no executive officer was arrested till now except the security officer.

The heinous attack by Jindal company is a conspiracy with Dist administration to suppress the voice of the displaced people to not to fight for their right to life and livelihood.

Recently 48 Tribal and Dalit people are being beaten up by the police at Lanjigada and kept in jail as the people opposed to destruction of village road for Vedanta company. Hired goons of Posco used hand bombs to attack on struggling people of Dhinkia in presence of police in last November.

Till now the chief minister of Odisha did not react on the said inhuman, barbaric attack by the Jindal company on the displaced people of Angul.

I as the convenor of NAPM being associated with their protest preferences appeal to the activists and democratic peoples’ organizations to write letter of protest to the chief minister of Odisha and appeal to the National Human Rights Commission to inquiry and take appropriate action in giving justice to the displaced and victims. Let us campagn against corporate crime and inhuman displacement everywhere in the country.

( Prafulla Samantara)
Convenor, NAPM

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  1. Santanu kumar Barik permalink
    February 18, 2012 9:55 am

    Like jindal ARYA STEEL PVT> LTD> also planning to acquired fertile agricultural lands in malda village under jhumpura tahasil of keonjhar district. in this contest as a conscious inhahitant of abovesaid village i appeal to fight with me all civil society of india in future.
    Thanks Santanu Kumar Barik
    Advocate& Social activist


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