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March 15, 2012

After Rape, Village Threatens to Parade Woman Naked

Birbhum district, West Bengal: Already in shock after being allegedly raped by five men in West Bengal’s Birbhum district, a tribal woman is now facing the wrath of her entire village. The villagers have warned her that she will be paraded naked if she doesn’t pack up and leave. They have also fined her Rs 12,000 and seized her cows.

I Singe The Body Electric By Meena Kandasamy

In the early days, his words win me back: I don’t have anything if I don’t have you. In this honeymoon period, every quarrel follows a predictable pattern: we make up, we make love, we move on. It becomes a bargain, a barter system. For the sake of survival, I surrender my space. Two months into the marriage, he cajoles me into parting with my passwords. Soon he answers my e-mails with the same liberty with which he used to select my clothes. […]

Read the entire, beautiful piece.

Trans Activist Agnes Torres Murdered in Puebla

Trans activist and respected counselor Agnes Torres Hernández was found dead this past Saturday near the town of Atlixco, Puebla. Reports indicate she was tortured before being killed.

Trayvon Martin, Shot & Killed By His Own Neighborhood Watch

17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a Neighborhood Watch captain inside his own gated Orlando, Florida community where he was living with his father, stepmother and little brother, according to the family’s lawyer.


Virginia Sikh Family Receives Death Threat

The family – who is not being named – received a letter addressed to the “Turban family” Feb. 28, which read, “Our People in the neighborhood have been closely watching your activities and figured out you are a close associate of a secret Taliban movement on the U.S. soil.”

“We ask you to leave the country as soon as possible otherwise one of our people is going to shoot you dead. Don’t attempt to relocate somewhere else in America as people are closely monitoring your day to day activities,” read the letter […]

Freedom unveiled: Iranian women strip to slam repression

“My nudity is a ‘no’ to stoning to death,” say the defiant women in the YouTube video, posing topless to scream against “a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy.”

In analysts’ opinion, nudity is a powerful protest tool in the Islamic world, where women cover every part of body, except the face and hands, with loose shadow-proof robes. In Iran, a Muslim woman wearing shorts may spend up to four months in jail. The controversial promo is set to boost sales of the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar released for global sales on International Woman’s Day. The calendar honors an Egyptian blogger, Aliaa Magda Elmahdy. In November Elmahdy, outraged with a ban on nude models in Egyptian universities and books, set the Arab world on fire by posting a full length picture of her naked self on the web.

Dream of a dignified life for manual scavengers comes true

Usha Chomar and Guddi Athwal would not have even dreamed of a foreign sojourn let alone speaking at an international forum in Paris on the issue of health problems that manual scavengers have had to face.

The Bloom Project by Anna Schuleit. She planted thousands of flowers in an old, closed Massachusetts Mental Health Hospital.

In November of 2003 thousands of flowers were placed in the old hallways, rooms, and staircases to mark the worn traffic-ways and memories of the site. Each hallway had a different type of flower. Each was a different stretch of color. The axes of the building, its dizzying historic layout, were recognized individually.

PETA’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad History of Killing Animals

In 2011, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) behaved in a regrettably consistent manner: it euthanized the overwhelming majority (PDF) of dogs and cats that it accepted into its shelters. Out of 760 dogs impounded, they killed 713, arranged for 19 to be adopted, and farmed out 36 to other shelters (not necessarily “no kill” ones). As for cats, they impounded 1,211, euthanized 1,198, transferred eight, and found homes for a grand total of five. PETA also took in 58 other companion animals — including rabbits. It killed 54 of them.

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