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[Compilation of Koodankulam Updates] Electricity, Water and Food Supply stopped in Idinthakarai

March 21, 2012

Activists have done an amazing job documenting the events unfolding at Koodankulam. I will keep updating this post as and when I come across more information from facebook newsfeed. Also, make sure to check out who have been thorough about the reporting of the conflict. There are atleast three petitions going around — here, here and here. Sign them.

Update #8: I will stop updating here like this, since DiaNuke is doing an exceptional job of documenting the ongoing stand-off. Go there for the most current information.

Update #7: Situation improving, however National Media is prevented From Covering the Anti-Nuclear Protest.

Update #6:

Kudankulam update

Electricity has been restored partially. Media has been allowed back in. Uday’s interview with Sun TV in Tamil was broadcast an hour ago.

Access to Water, food and cell phone towers are still denied to the protesting villagers. Section 144 continues to be in force restricting mobility. All thes are gross violations of constituional rights.

Update #5: Solidarity march/hunger-strike/ sit-in planned for March 26th (Monday) from Nagarcoil to Koodankulam

Dear All

Situation in Koodankulam has precipitated to an unthinkable repression. More than 6000 police personnel and paramilitary forces have been deployed around Idinthakarai village where about 20,000 people from surrounding villages have gathered to protest. While 16 people have started a fast unto death at Idinthakarai, the police have cut down all essential supplies including food, water and electricity. They are demanding surrender of leading activists like S P Udayakumar, Pushparayan and others. Section 144 has been imposed on the majority of coastal villages in Radhapuram block. Media entry has also been denied in Idinthakarai.

A major intervention from the democratic sections of Indian society is required at this juncture. We have planned a joint march from Nagarcoil to Koodankulam on March 26th (Monday). Different activists groups and organizations in Kerala are supporting this initiative and we hope to ensure participation of around 500 people here. Kerala groups have always participated in the Koodankulam struggle in large numbers. However, without participation of some eminent people, this march would just not create that impact that is required this time.

We are writing to you with a sense of desperation and hope. It is important that you make some extra effort and join us. We will start from Nagarcoil and peacefully begin hunger-strike/sit-in protest if we are stopped by the forces.

We sincerely hope you would be able to join us and support the Koodankulam movement at this crucial hour.

Looking forward to your positive response,

With best regards,
In Solidarity
N.Subrahmanyan, K.Ramachandran, Fr.Augustin Vattoli, P.K.Sundaram, Sajeer.A.R, Boby Thomas, K.Sahadevan

Update #5: Solidarity rallies from groups in Kerala, Bangalore and the National Alliance of People’s Movements

Update #4: Images from Idinthakarai

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Update #3: [Voice of Udhayakumar, reporting on the crisis. In Tamil.]

Update #2: [Urgent Action Alert: Koodankula​m – Call/ SMS ADGP and SP]

via Kafila

Dear all,

The Tamilnadu police in alliance with the paramilitary, rapid action force, Industrial security force has laid an utterly illegal and anti democratic siege on the peaceful struggle by fisherpeople and others in Idinthakarai village. In an attempt to terrorise the people and weaken their struggle the police in a nexus with civil administration has suspended electricity and water supply to the village. Vital supplies like milk powder, medicines and food stuff have been blocked entry. When neighbouring villagers tried to bring in firewood through the sea route they were blocked this morning. A pregnant woman who was in labour pain was detained by the police for quite some time and her admission into the hoispital was delayed. There are thousands of children, women, elder people and men in the protest site surrounded by layers and layers of police of every possible denomination and this is a peaceful struggle waged by the poor people of idinthakarai to safeguard their livelihoods and also to protect all of us all of humanity from yet another nuclear disaster.

So please take time and call/ message

Vijendra Bidari, SP, Tirunelveli : 09940193494

George, ADGP: o9442200913

Register your protest.

Demand them to stop intimidating the peaceful protesters.

SMS message: “Do not block media, food, water, medicines or movement of people in and out of Idinthakarai. Restore access to basic facilities and media freedom”

Update #1: [Report by Lalita Ramdas after phone conversations with Meera Uday Kumar]

Dear Friends – one more update – this time from Nagercoil where Uday’s wife is running a small school.

Just spoke at length to Meera at Nagercoil and to Pushparayan at Idinthakarai. Here are the facts as told to me:

1. All media access to Irindakarai has been blocked, although the ticker on NDTV is saying that DGP denies this and says OB vans are being allowed.

2. From Meera on the phone just now from the school: she spoke to NDTV a while ago and we are watching to see if her interview is carried. Till 10 am no interview with Meera carried on NDTV

The school has been badly damaged. The compound wall has been destroyed in many places.

The library vandalized totally. The KG class furniture was thrown out and broken. Windows and doors smashed. The lab was saved because of a grill door, but they tried and smashed other doors and windows. Other damage in the upstairs classrooms.

The school caters to 280 children coming from the neighborhood, and NOT from affluent Families. The school has been nurtured and built with love and care , class by class, year by year, to provide a creative and different educational experience for kids from underprivileged backgrounds.

Meera had asked for police protection when the movement took on momentum, because of threats she had received. The protection was provided. But yesterday the lone policeman who came in the morning, disappeared and did not return.

This is shocking. This is an attack on innocent children. We are hearing that supplies of milk and food are being prevented from reaching the school.

Today they have had to close the school, there is a lot of debris blocking the entrance and the planned parent teacher meeting cannot be held. The parents are totally supportive,and there has not been a single absentee in the last weeks.

As Meera asks to the people and leaders of the state, and the people of the country and decent human beings everywhere: what have we done wrong? Why take it out on the children? All we have done is to ask for renewable sources of power. IS THAT CONSIDERED A CRIME? IS THAT ANTI NATIONAL?

Please circulate widely. Is this democracy? And is this now the way non violent, peaceful protest and dissent will be treated in our country?

Original Update:

Koodankulam Update
March 21, 2012 10:00 AM
Electricity, Water and Food Supply stopped in Idinthakarai

All roads and sea routes to reach Idinthakarai are blocked. Police personnel forcibly took away mobiles phones and water supply equipments.

School run by Dr. S P Udayakumar damaged badly last night. School bus is also damaged.

There are 8000 children among the 20,000 protesting people in Idinthakarai. Milk supply to the village is also prevented and its affecting the children badly.

Media entry to Idinthakarai is also prevented.

March 20, 2012, 5: 20 PM

From Koodankulam: Police and para-military forces is terrrorising people by marching into the village every two hours and then withdrawing. We are threatened, something must be done to stop this harrassment.

Please contact human rights organisations, judges, ministers and media IMMEDIATELY !!

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  1. March 23, 2012 3:10 pm

    I do not understand why both the parties are adament in this matter? Why can’t the government organize for Training for the locals to handle an unfortunate situation and Why can’t udaikuamr accept the fact Mr.Abdul Kalam is far better assesser of the safety of the plant than him and go with what the experts say? What is holding both the parties?

    • March 23, 2012 7:57 pm

      Please read, they have thorough about informing the public that the measures taken by the government to ensure safety is utterly inadequate. Mr.Abdul Kalam simply saying it is safe, doesn’t make it true.


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