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White Woman on Facebook’s Burden (Updated Kipling for the Internet Age)

May 1, 2012

Indian activists create a facebook group for the Anti-POSCO movement in India. A white woman is added to the group. She posts a comment, asking about the Anti-POSCO movement, admitting that she knows nothing about it. She would like to know more.

I was invited to this group and tried to investigate what POSCO was and found 88 references to corporations worldwide named POSCO. Would someone care to explain to me what this POSCO is and how I can help?

Indian activists provide her with several useful links. Note: No requests for help was asked.

Her reply:

I understand and have posted articles about horrendous human rights violations in the news OTHER than LGBT issues but you have to understand that I run an online magazine called and my primary job is to accomplish LGBT activism. I’ll do what I can but my time is very, very limited!

Don’t get me wrong: I’ll spend as much time as I can! It’s just that the U.S. is at a tipping point right now and needs activism more now than ever before. If we achieve full equality then I will work on all other issues and they are practically endless. You realize that your solution (and ours, too) is socialism, right?

I post it here so that I can get the snark out of my system.

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