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Darius Simmons: Another Black Teenager Shot

June 6, 2012

A 13-yr-old black teenager is shot to death in front of his mother by a 75-yr-old white man, who believed the teenager had burglarized his home.

John Henry Spooner was charged with one count of first-degree intentional homicide, use of a dangerous weapon. Spooner was arrested Thursday after waiting for police at the crime scene on Milwaukee’s south side.

Police said they are investigating whether there was a history of disagreements between the man and boy. The boy, identified as Darius Simmons, was unarmed when he was shot in the street outside their homes, according to a police department report on its website.

According to the complaint, Spooner approached Simmons as the boy retrieved a garbage cart from in front of a house Thursday morning. The boy’s mother, Patricia Larry, who saw the shooting, said Spooner told her son he “wanted his stuff back and that he wanted his shotguns back,” the complaint said.

Simmons and his mother told Spooner they did not have his property. Spooner then pulled a gun, pointed it at Simmons and fired one shot from about five feet away, the complaint said. [Source Link]

The video of the news coverage here.

We live in a fragile world — one dedicated to living by a certain kind of code. We are told who to fear, who to hate, who to blame and in whom we should place our trust. We are told who will protect us. We don’t get to decide our own weaknesses — others do that for us.

When we rail against systems of oppression, it’s vital to remember that we are not fighting for an absence of cultural ignorance through the policing of politically correct language. We are fighting for the right of all human beings to exist in the world without the presence of a daily and arbitrary terror.

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