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Sion Koliwada: Residents in Mumbai Threatened, Arrested (India)

June 20, 2012



Read more about the illegal demolition of one of oldest communities in Mumbai here and here.

The indigenous Koli or the fisher community of Mumbai, who are the original inhabitants of the city have been peacefully resisting the demolition of their homes at Sion Koliwada. 25 residents were arrested on 31st May 2012. The community now silently sits, on the lookout for further attacks. As day turns to night, amidst the destruction, they watch films on the struggles of the working class in Mumbai – to learn, share and feel the power of one. There is no stopping them. Not even the rains. — Zulfiya Hamzaki (photographer of the pictures below)

The photographs from the film-screening below.

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Via Khareastandolan

There were reports that the women were thrashed and although no one was allowed inside, a police van with the arrested went to the hospital. Among the arrested is Munni Sheikh of Kandamwar Nagar whose 6-month-old child has been left without her mother for over 24 hours. Munni was also beaten inside the police station.

The hearing at Kurla Court took place on 1st June at 3 pm and they have been put under judicial custody for the next 3-4 days.

We request journalists to report on this grave issue of human rights abuse and the massive land scam that is taking place in Sion Koliwada. Contact Madhuri Shivkar’s number at 09892143242 for more information.

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