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This is Not Africa: Africans Against Appropriation

June 25, 2012

This is Not Africa: Africans Against Appropriation is one of my favorite things about the internet.

Their intent:

Posting all the awkward photos and texts that exoticise Africa. Africa is not a place for you to find your fucking self, Christ Almighty. Feel free to submit any bullshit you’ve seen around the internet that fits this. oh. and Africa is not a country. But you already knew that.

One of the reasons I find thisisnotafrica’s blog so provocative is because so many of the images that they post —- I actually really like, or find striking in some way. The image below is a good example.

Appropriating black bodies to signify starvation, desperation and disease is not new. In fact, of course, it is as old as colonialism. There is also the problem of fat-phobia in the image — equating the world’s problems with fat people eating too much.

Here’s another example of appropriation.

In the image above, the viewer is asked to feel guilty about eating meat since the equivalent could feed starving people in Africa. Here again, Africa is equated with hunger — which is then in turn, used to push the designer’s own ideologies and values.

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