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“You are the Ocean”

June 27, 2012

The best compliment I ever got came unexpectedly, off-hand. Years ago.

I don’t remember what I said exactly to provoke him, but there it was. “You are the ocean, deep and beautiful.” He said it as fact and the thing of it glowed inside me for days. It silenced me and I would remember it every time someone paid me a compliment.

He had asked me out months earlier (politely) and I had declined (also, politely). This post is not about regretting that (wise) decision — I found him to be tedious actually and no ocean could change that.

But I find it faintly disquieting — the bits of life that stay with me. As if moments can sometimes stumble into my mind’s cup of amber and stay buried in its thick preserve. Unchanging. Unchange-able.

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